Dog Upset Stomach Remedies and Herbal Remedies

Dealing with dog upset stomach can be very upsetting for you and your pet. Many natural remedies can ease the discomfort, but there are some natural remedies that are very strong and should only be used under a vet’s care. A dog with tummy problems may seem like just another one of those irritating ailments that dogs get. It is important to get to the root of the problem before the dog becomes severely ill as it can become life threatening.

Dog Upset Stomach Remedies and Herbal Remedies


If your dog has diarrhea, you will probably see him eating white rice or simply eat grass to help soothe his tummy. To relieve an intestinal upset stomach, try to induce vomiting or even chew on raw carrots or sweet potatoes says veterinarian Madison Wisconsin. Similar to carrots and potatoes, the fibrous fiber from sweet potatoes will settle in the stools and help to soften it. Also, adding brown rice to a dog’s water can cause diarrhea. This too will help to get rid of the problem.


The most common diarrhea causing agent is bad food. If your dog eats grass, carrots, raw potatoes, or cooked rice and then eats a bland diet, he will be suffering from a form of kidney failure called ketosis. So, if you see your dog getting these diarrhea-like symptoms, take him to the vet right away. A bland diet is very hard for your dog to digest and he will need a high quality protein diet to keep his intestines working properly. Also, if the diarrhea is a result of a viral infection, you will want to treat with an anti-viral medication.


You should also look into the possibility that your dog has a food allergy. The most common food allergies in dogs are wheat, corn, and soy. If your dog seems to be sneezing or sniffling a lot when eating sweet potatoes, he could have a wheat allergy. Talk to your vet about adding more soy to his diet, since this ingredient is also beneficial for dogs with upset stomachs.


If the source of his upset stomach is canned pumpkin, one of your dog’s choices for a meat diet can actually make the problem worse. Canned pumpkin is very high in potassium, and many owners believe that this element is what is causing the discomfort. However, the problem is actually much simpler. The acidic content of canned pumpkin may upset the stomach, even if the dog isn’t allergic to the ingredient. This means that you need to switch to a salt-free and bland diet that doesn’t include any chicken or beef.


Many holistic veterinarians and homeopathic practitioners recommend diets that eliminate or reduce the amount of chemicals and additives in your pet’s diet. There are many natural remedies for dogs stomach problems, including chicory root, burdock, and even nettle root. These types of foods are also helpful in providing your dog with an energy boost and can be used as complementary therapies alongside conventional remedies. However, it’s important to remember that none of these foods will magically cure your pet’s symptoms. You will need to provide him with a regular dose of holistic remedies along with the chemicals and additives you are currently giving him, in order for the healing to be complete.


One of the most popular herbal remedies for dogs stomach problems is the Homeopathic Pepto Bismol. Pepto Bismol is available in several different forms, including lotions, capsules, sprays, and even inhalers. A common ingredient in Pepto Bismol is gelsemium, which is known to help soothe and detoxify the liver and has been proven to help soothe upset stomachs and other conditions such as vomiting and diarrhea. To use Pepto Bismol, you simply apply a small amount to the affected area, rub it into the skin or swallow a few tablets, then let your dog take a couple of tablets before bedtime.


If you’re not keen on using Pepto Bismol, you should also try a few other home remedies that may help soothe your pet. Many holistic veterinarians will recommend adding a little ginger or garlic to your dog’s food, as both of these ingredients have proven to be extremely soothing when it comes to upsetting stomachs. Ginger and garlic contain gingerol, a substance that is very similar to Pepto Bismol, although gingerol is non-toxic and can easily be absorbed by the animals digestive tract. Both of these ingredients have also been found to help soothe an upset tummy, so if nothing else, you can give your dog a meal or two of organic foods to keep him feeling healthy and fit.

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