Dog Training – Walking on a Leash in 4 Dead Simple Steps! Stop Your Pet From Pulling on the Leash!

Dog training in walking over a leash is amongst the simplest varieties of canine training around. At exactly the same time it’s imperative to teach your canine this important skill as you want to possess full treatments for your pet in the future. Dogs have no idea of that pulling over a leash is recognized as a bad behavior and will reinforce this bad habit unless you take appropriate action to halt it. Also, remember that’s it’s easier to train a puppy to steer on the leash than to show the same to an older dog as the latter one (as a result of his age an experience) will be more resistant against your commands.

Dog Training – Walking On A Leash Part 1 – Buy An Appropriate Leash

This step is not a crucial one but it’s important if you wish to start leash training about the right foot. Make sure to buy a standard leather collar that’s loose enough to set it onto your pet’s neck without strangling him. Any forms of choke collars are not recommended while they will do more harm to your furry friend than good.

You don’t wish to use negative reinforcement training that’s based on punishing a bad behaviors being a main training tool since it works worse than positive reinforcement techniques and frequently harms your pet. Also, don’t think of buying a leash that’s adjustable in length or short. You don’t want your puppy to believe that he can always pull a little more to obtain further or walk with a tense leash that’s making her uncomfortable.

Dog Training – Walking On A Leash Part 2 – Get Him Used To The Leash

Second step involves putting the collar onto your pet’s neck and attaching the leash with it. Let your pet run free while sporting both of these items on. You want him to get employed to putting them on and end up forgetting about them whenever possible. If he attempts to dislodge the collar or scratch it off don’t help him. Instead, wait till he calms down and then take them back.

Dog Training – Walking On A Leash Part 3 – Where To Start?

Ok, congratulations, you should look for a put in place your location that your canine feels comfortable in with very little distractions present as possible (a driveway or garden will be perfect). If you can’t imagine such spot simply start the education as part of your flat. Your pet must stay fully focused around the subject so take this into account while choosing the appropriate location. Also, if you decide to go outside and your pet gets all looking forward to it (jumps around, barks etc.) await him to relax first. He must know that being naughty is not going to get him far as well as the only way to go on a walk is actually listening for your commands.

Dog Training – Walking On A Leash Part 4 – Don’t Let Him Pull On The Leash

Ok, the rules for leash training are easy enough. Every time your dog actually starts to drag you somewhere stop, say firmly ‘Ah-ah’ and wait till he slacks the leash and returns. If he does shower him with praise and reward forever behavior using a tasty treat. If you want to begin from the very beginning making it easy and clear as you can for your dog make a maximum of two or three steps at a time and prevent.

Wait for your dog to sign up you and also take a moment (command him to ‘sit’). Again, if he obeys your orders praise him cheerfully of course, if he doesn’t – stop and be sure he understands to come back. This part is about patience (initial few walks might not exactly get you both further than the driveway) and consistency so keep repeating exactly the same exercise and you may eventually have your pet leash trained.

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