Dog Training Guide – 8 Reasons Why Dogs Can Be Aggressive

Dog aggression is often a major issue – 30% of rescue dogs is there as a result of aggressive behaviour, it is usually exactly why dogs are put down. There many causes of aggression, they could be grouped into the eight categories further down.

1.Medical Problems

Aggression can be as a result of several reasons in fact it is unusual on an aggressive dog to have just one single form of aggression. Before looking at some of these reasons it would be wise so that you can investigate any possible medical problems particularly when your pet has demonstrated an abrupt change in his temperament. There are many medical main reasons why a dog may be showing aggressive tendencies including pain of any sort to diabetes and epilepsy.

2.Fear of other dogs

This may appear mainly because your puppy’s mother was timid and fearful. It can also occur if the young puppy is just not properly socialised with dogs as well as other puppies. Between the ages of 7 and 16 weeks they learn to perform and see the complex rituals of ‘meeting and greeting’ other dogs. If they have not learnt the greeting rituals then approaching an unknown dog they will instantly remain visible with suspicion plus a confrontation may ensue.

3.Fear of humans

Again this is the effect of a deficiency of socialisation and handling at an early age. Pups which aren’t handled gently and sometimes from about 2 weeks old can don’t bond properly with humans. This very early handling causes the puppy very mild stress which enables it to handle dog and individuals interaction when it’s older. Fear aggression is usually defensive. It can be inclined to just men or perhaps women depending upon who taken care of ab muscles young puppy.


Dogs that are bound in apartments or left in back yards for too long periods where they are able to see stuff that they need to connect to but cannot, often suffer from this sort of aggression. It can lead to the dog attempting to escape, agitation, biting and unprovoked attacks. The traditional aggression towards the postman relies upon frustration.


This is usually tied to male dogs and exhibits itself as mounting both people and also other dogs. Castration and behaviour modification can help with this issue.


By definition territorial aggression ought to be directed only at other dogs but dogs seem to regard humans within the pack consequently this sort of aggression might be directed towards humans also. It definitely seems to be caused by either dominance or fear.


As the word implies, your dog would like to dominate other dogs and members of the family. In this case your dog has to learn its purpose and position in everyday life. The ‘Nothing in Life is Free’ plan can often control this sort of problem.


This sort of aggression may be inclined to a lot of things including, cats, dogs, squirrels, cars, bikes, skate boarders etc. Movement appears to be the trigger. This is just not all to easy to cure, reward based dog obedience training will help nevertheless it necessitates the trainer to constantly monitor the dog constantly.

Hereditary aggression is nearly impossible to cure but learned aggression may be successfully treated as to what is called ‘counter-conditioning’. This is the procedure for re-teaching your puppy good associations when interacting with other dogs and individuals.

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