Dog Separation Anxiety – Part 1

In this article we now have provided passport renewal expedited service to dog stress and anxiety, it’s cause’s and several of the symptoms your dog or puppy can experience. This common problem is specially upsetting on your dog as well as upsetting in your case as the owner too. We have started with many from the facts about the condition and after that while using symptoms.

The Facts

Separation anxiety in dogs is actually quite normal and is classed as a behavior problem. This condition is caused whenever your dog or puppy experiences intense anxiety when he or she is separated from her or his owner. It is very common in rescue dogs who’ve experienced abuse or maltreatment in the past which has left the dog with attachment issues.

Some experts have estimated that the situation can be so common who’s affects greater than 10% with the 6.5 million dogs currently residing in the UK. If these estimates were chosen to equate the amount of dogs inside United States of America being affected by depression it would be equal to seven million dogs.

The Symptoms

Some from the symptoms that your dog may experience may involve behavior problems including.

Digging up plants and digging holes within the garden

Your dog or puppy may bark or whine excessively

Your pooch may start chewing furniture or any other objects around the House.

You may notice that the pooch actually starts to have accidents around the House when he once was House trained.

Your dog may appear anxious and nervous and also lose his appetite

Your pooch may start to cry and check very distressed

In extreme cases your pooch may begin vomiting

Excessive salivation is a symptom of the condition.

In Part 2 in your series on Dog Separation Anxiety we’re going to present you with some pointers concerning how to cure this issue.

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