Dog Grooming Tips For the Golden Retriever

You can have the best of both worlds with your Golden Retriever as you learn to groom them. There is nothing worse than a dirty dog and a dirty house, but your Golden Retriever does not need a clean house to be clean. With some basic dog grooming tips you can keep their coat shiny and healthy looking. There are certain times of the year when you should have your dog groomed more than other times and there are also certain products you should use on your dog to keep their skin and coat looking great. The following are a few golden retriever grooming tips you can use to make sure that your dog is always looking their very best.

The first and most important of all the dog grooming tips you can use is that you should buy a quality dog grooming brush. It doesn’t matter whether you own a lab, a gold, an lab mix or a poodle, the brush you choose will make all the difference in how well your dog receives grooming. You can buy brushes that have a variety of different heads, but all of them will do the same job. They will allow you to groom your dog gently and easily using the right angle, brushing techniques. The type of dog brush you get will depend on how often your dog has to be groomed and whether or not you have a professional dog groomer in your household. If you have a professional dog groomer it is recommended that you purchase a dog grooming brush made especially for dogs like yours.

Another of the dog grooming tips you should follow is to never brush your dog too hard. You want to keep their skin soft and moisturized. Also, you want to keep from pulling their hair, especially if they are a sensitive breed. You should always leave the brushing session to the professionals.

A lot of people think they should give their dog baths to keep their fur looking good, but they are actually very bad for your dog’s health. If you give your dog a bath too frequently it can dry out their skin and their fur. When this happens they can develop an extreme skin condition called ringworm in which they develop sores around their elbows and feet. This can be fatal to dogs if not treated quickly. The best way to keep your dog’s fur nice and soft is to just bathe him once every couple weeks, if you do it on a regular basis you will also keep his nails soft and his teeth trimmed.

Another of the dog grooming tips you should follow is that you shouldn’t trim your dog’s nails unless they are really long. Shorter nails will hurt your dog and it will take longer for them to grow out. If you cut your dog’s nails you can also prevent him from biting because it will be more difficult for him to close his mouth around something he shouldn’t be touching.

Some dogs like to chew on things when they are bored, and one of the dog grooming tips you should follow is that you shouldn’t allow your dog to have all of the entertainment items that you may have. Chances are if you leave TV dinners, video games, radio stations and the like in the house your dog will gnaw on them. One of the best dog grooming tips you should follow is that you shouldn’t only buy clothes for your dog when they need them, you should also buy them new clothes occasionally.

You should brush your dog every day at least once, but it doesn’t need to be anything fancy. A brushing session will remove any loose fur, disinfect any fleas and shampoos build up on your dog’s coat. Your dog will love having a brush all the time because it makes him feel relaxed. You should also give your dog a bath from time to time because bathing benefits the health of your dog as well as helps you feel relaxed.

These dog grooming tips can be found by visiting your local pet store, or by consulting the Internet. They will help keep you and your dog looking nice, healthy and happy. You should never be too rough on your dog and they should never be punished in any way. Good luck and happy pet ownership!

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