Dog Grooming Tips For Professional Grooming

As a dog groomer, I hear all the times from clients that they want their pets to look their best. There are all those cute little clips and bows that will make your pooch look super nice. Well, today, we are going to reveal the top four grooming tips for your dogs. The professional dog groomer will know which ones to use on your beloved pet, but here are the basics.

Hairstyles – Do you have short hair or long hair? Do you want your dog to be in his element with his cropped style or maybe a sleek pixie cut? It’s all up to you. Here is a basic guide for both. Short haired dogs need to have their hair cut close to the back and ears, and long haired dogs should have their hair cut on the side, about 2 inches above the shoulders.

Grooming – Make sure you use a dog shampoo that is perfect for your dog’s breed and skin type. There are shampoos and conditioners out there made specifically for certain dog breeds. Some are made to reduce shedding and some are created to keep your dog’s fur soft and beautiful. It is best to read the labels to make sure you get your pup the perfect product.

Bathing – Your dog can not help but get dirty and having a bath could be just what he needs to feel better. Depending on where you live, a quick wash in the tub can be something your dog enjoys. Or, if you have a shower block, you can use it with him. You can use any kind of shampoo or conditioner you like. Just make sure you give him a bath after each treatment and that it is not too hot.

Exercises – Your dog will love to do all sorts of exercises whether you are going for a walk or running around in the neighborhood. The key is to keep them active. This will help keep them healthy and strong and eliminate excess hair from their body. If you are going out of town, take your dog along with you so they can enjoy the city’s sights as well. It will also keep you both from getting too tired.

Grooming – If you cannot brush your dog or comb their hair, you can go to a groomer who specializes in this. Ask for advice and tips when you first get your pup. They will know how often to bathe your dog as well as what products you should use. This will help eliminate dead hair and prevent mats from forming. This will make your life less stressful as well.

Other dog grooming tips include using the right products on your pup. Find one that is gentle yet leaves a protective coating so your dog does not end up with dry, cracked skin or matted hair. You can also find products that will make your dog look great. Find one that will help control excessive shedding or prevent dandruff and oily hair.

Dog grooming tips can be found all over the internet or in many publications geared towards dog owners. There is no reason for your dog not to be groomed regularly. With regular brushing and visits to the groomer, your dog will look his or her best. You can even find a professional groomer online to take care of your pup. This will give you some time away from work and family to devote just to your dog. This is an important thing to consider when grooming your dog and it is very rewarding to do so.

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