Dog Grooming Quotes – How To Keep Your Dog From Pulling Their Hair

Dog grooming quotes say a lot about the owner. It may not be in a mean way, but the person is obviously having fun with his pet, and probably wants to make the dog look good. Funny dog grooming quotes are an ideal way to say thank you to your pet for doing the unexpected acts that make you smile. Here are some examples:

“I had this old dog, who bit and played with my toes. She was really cute, but I couldn’t stand her chewing on my toenails and making all sorts of funny noises when she bit me.” – Anonymous

“My dear pooch, they just want to play…when I take out the garbage, they just want to cuddle up with me and snuggle on my sofa. And when I’m done with my washing, they just want to go to the washroom again.” – Anonymous

“I am a dog owner who values cleanliness. If my dog starts acting up or scratching, I immediately run to the store for some good dog treats. Instead, I now have a whole basket full of pooch-approved snacks for her to munch on because she has nothing else to chew on but our precious teddy bears!” – Anonymous

“A dog’s sense of smell is so strong that sometimes it can override her owners’ love for her. That’s why it’s important to reward good behavior with praise and a treat. I give my pet princess kisses every now and then like a spoiled little girl. And when she acts up, I just tell her ‘no’ and take her out for a walk to relieve her pent-up energy.” – Anonymous

One dog owner shared, “I let my 9-year-old daughter pick out her clothes. Sometimes she’s cute, other times she’s too old-fashioned. One day, she asked me if I could bring her to the groomer. Of course I said yes. It was quite a funny dog grooming moment.”

But not all dog groomers think that it’s a good idea to laugh at your pet’s looks. “If you keep your wits about you and don’t take yourself too seriously, you’ll come across as not very nurturing,” says veterinarian Pam Crawford of The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center. “Just laugh it off. The world loves dogs and we love them even when they’re ugly or not groomed. People are very cruel to dogs that aren’t groomed.” – From an article in the October issue of VINETYLED magazine.

And finally, here’s a piece from an article I’ve posted on my blog, the Dogs Whisperer, where I share some tried and true dog grooming quotes that can help you get along with your dog and have some real fun with it in the process: “Shave around the ears, but only to a level that will not cause pain. Let your lips and teeth do the talking. Use your sense of humor.”

The first dog grooming advice I can give you is to keep it simple. If you make your dogs laugh, it’s more than likely that they’ll laugh with you. So, the key is to work with your dogs and not against it. You might think that some of these things are cruel or seem a little mean-spirited, but they really aren’t. If you look deep into their eyes, you’ll see that their mischievousness is a part of what makes them tick.

The second thing you should be careful of when giving your dogs attention is that you shouldn’t give him too much at once. Think of training as if you were trying to train a small child. A little bit at a time is enough. Your dog may even find this annoying, but if you want him to stop pulling at his ears then give him just enough to get by and he will eventually stop.

And lastly, one of the most important dog grooming quotes I can give you is to know your dog. There are certain dogs that have different personalities. Some dogs will need more attention while others may only need a quick pat on the head.

These are just a couple of the many dog grooming tips that are out there. If you don’t believe the ones that say to be careful with your dogs because they might make them laugh, you can always look for the cutest and funniest dog grooming quotes. For sure, your dog will laugh with you. It’s part of owning a great dog.

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