Doberman Chasing – A Dangerous Game To Play

Dobermans are acknowledged to be prey driven. In other words if something moves it’s dog’s natural instinct to chase after it. He doesn’t care if it is a ball, your cat, your toddler, the subsequent door neighbor or a car going down the path. If it moves, it’s fair game. This behavior, naturally, can be quite dangerous on your Doberman and for those around him.

Even if your dog only chases moving things for entertainment, he could seriously frighten someone or be hit with a car. It’s your responsibility to maintain your dog in order all the time. This includes training him never to chase.

Don’t Encourage Chasing Behavior

Dobermans will chase, try not to reinforce this behavior. For example, if your puppy steals your chosen slipper, don’t chase him to retrieve it. If you do, he can see chasing as being a game, and he can be more inclined to chase after things when he really wants to play.

Encourage others at home to never play chase along with your Doberman. If he attempts to chase you kinds in your house, immediately stop and say ‘NO’. If he sees it isn’t really fun to present chase, it will help to curb this behavior.

Start Training Your Dog Early and Continue Training Practices

Dobermans are extremely intelligent and active dogs. If you channel their requirement of mental stimulation and work out into various activities, they shall be less likely to get activities independently to be occupied. Begin by teaching your Doberman to ‘sit’, ‘stay’ and ‘come’ on command. These three commands would be the reasons for any successful training curriculum. When he learns to heed these commands, you’ve got a much greater possibility of stopping a chase before it gets started.

Obedience training, alpha canine training and agility training will occupy your pet’s mind and provides him lots of exercise also. Training him to the leash early may also will give you a method to overcome your Doberman. Activities for example jogging along with your dog can give him an abundance of exercise while he is learning to remain with you while on a leash.

Use A Pro

Teaching your Doberman to never chase is important towards the safety of others and to him. If you are unsure how you can train him never to chase or if he doesn’t appear to be responding to your training techniques, make sure you seek the guidance of an professional to help you plus your dog solve this concern. A professional dog trainer will teach your dog to not chase, and he’ll educate you on how to offer commands to your puppy. His advice will probably be invaluable.

As a Doberman owner your canine’s happiness and safety is determined by to you. Remember, a well trained dog is really a secure and happy dog.

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