Choosing Between the Different Breeds of Puppies

Choosing Between the Different Breeds of Puppies

Perhaps you’ve already determined that breed of puppies you want or maybe you’re just interested in different breeds of puppies. Whatever stage you’re at, have quickly answered 20 key points below which you should understand before bringing a new puppy home. By doing so, you will ensure you will be happy with your puppy and it’s all for the best.


Is the puppy any older than seven weeks old when he/she arrives at your home? Puppies arrive in different amounts and are separated from their mothers at several weeks old, depending on their age. However, the most common amount for new puppies is seven weeks old. Be sure to ask the breeder if he can guarantee the puppies are no older than this.


Why is the breeder selling these dogs? It is important to find out why they are selling the dogs in the first place. If the reason is because the dogs didn’t sell or are unsold in the first place, you may want to stay away from that particular breed. However, if the reason is that the dogs are sick or in bad conditions and they are only selling them because they are on the way to a better life, then you should seriously consider getting them.


How is the puppy being raised? Different breeds of puppies will be raised in different ways. A purebred puppy may be taken home in a situation where the family is not yet ready. It may not have been spayed or neutered, for example. The breeder may also not have given the puppy the proper vaccinations or even microchips. Some puppies are also given hormones to boost their immune system and others are put into foster homes until they get to an appropriate place.


You might want to consider getting a purebred dog if it is a dog that is likely to live long, strong, healthy, and without many problems with its joints. For puppies, you should also consider getting your dog the vaccinations that are required by your state. Sometimes, a dog’s parents get the required vaccinations but the grandparents or another dog owner don’t. You could end up with a sickly dog that can’t be taken care of properly or a dog that has been exposed to dangerous conditions. You certainly don’t want to end up with such a dog.


You need to look for some of these traits when choosing which breed of puppies you want to buy. Most breeders will provide playtime for the puppies. This gives you an opportunity to see how the puppy reacts to other dogs and other people. This is very important because your puppy will be spending a lot of time with you so it needs to be socially acceptable. You also want the puppy to be comfortable in your home, where it gets to spend a lot of its playtime. Some breeds do better in small apartments, while other breeds do better in large fenced in parks.


A lot of these dogs will shed more than most breeds, and this can be a nuisance to you and your carpet. You will have to choose between keeping the hair off your furniture or keeping it off your carpets. There are different breeds of puppies that have different levels of shedding. You need to do some research about the level of shedding in the different breeds to pick one that is going to be good for you and your home.


There are also toys that you can get for the puppies that they will enjoy playing with. Toys help eliminate the boredom in your house when the puppies don’t have any playtime at all because there is nothing to do. Getting them some small rubber toys to chew on is very beneficial. There are many different types of toys that you can buy that are made for dogs that like to chew and play.

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