Business Names For Dog Grooming Businesses

Dog grooming is a huge industry. There are literally hundreds of thousands of salons, groomers and veterinarians offering dog grooming services. So where do you put your business name? Here are a ton of great catchy dog grooming business names to select from. This handy list can help anybody seeking to name their new dog grooming business.

Pampered Pets. People love pets. So it makes perfect sense to offer pets-loving customers a dog house grooming service. If you like dogs, then this name brand will be perfect for your dog grooming salon. Some of the great dog grooming business names associated with Pampered Pets are: Pampered Pets Gentle Care, Pampered Pup, and Pampered Puppy. These are just three of the many great dog house grooming service names available.

Dogs from all over the world love getting a “scent walk”. And, they’ve also loved getting a “scent” walk since the beginning of time. And, that’s what makes this dog grooming business names that much more valuable. Imagine having a growing business that boasts of over 40 locations nationwide! Well, now you can, because the Scent Walkers have hit the nationwide market.

Dog House Cleaners. If you are thinking about starting a dog grooming business that includes dog house cleaning, then you should think of names that will stick in people’s minds. Think of domain names like: HouseScooperChicks, NochipsAnd squeaky Toys, or just give your own business name something catchy like House cleaner, dog house clean, or pet-cleaning-dog. These domain names are some of the most popular dog grooming business names around today.

Doghouse Raisers. This type of dogs walking business is a lot like the dog walking business, except you’ll be doing the dog walking. Think of names such as DogWalking Pets, Doghouse Pets, or just Fundamentals of Dog Walking. There are many other names, as well. Just remember, when you choose your domain name, and the main goal of your business, to make it memorable.

Dog Spa. Many people don’t realize that there are dog salons. These salons cater to pets with special needs, or dogs that haven’t been trained to behave. Think of a name like Animal Spa, or Dog Breeder’s Pedicure, or Dog Grooming Salon. You’ll find plenty of such spa names online, and most of them have lots of competition.

Pet Grooming Salon. If you think of all the pet grooming names already in existence, you can probably get tired of choosing. So, a good idea may be to pick a catchy name, something that will catch attention and that people will remember. Good pet grooming salons names include: Nail Techs, Doggie Style Hairdressers, and so on.

Puppy Palaces. Most of us have fond memories of going to a place called a puppy palace. Some good name choices for dog shops include: The Nails Do salon, Pug & Pugs Bar, Poodle Cafe, and the Poodle Boutique.

Dog Walking Service. Dog walking service companies are all over the place. Your best bet for a catchy business name may be something related to pet walking: Hooter, Hound Dog Tours, and so on.

Dog Grooming Spa. This is the place where you get to pamper your dogs and enjoy your own time. Think of a name like Dog Spa, and you’ll probably find a lot of choices. There are dog grooming schools, and spas devoted entirely to grooming dogs. A good name for a dog grooming business could be: Dog Grooming Salon, or The Nails Spa.

Bark Avenue Grooming Company. There aren’t a lot of name possibilities that sound anything other than, “Bark Avenue Grooming Company.” A perfect name for this business could be: Bark Avenue Grooming, or The Nail Fixer. You can also choose something more unique like Nail Fixers or Nail Staging.

Possibly, the most common name for a dog grooming business would be: Rufus Puppy Training. Think of a name that is unique enough to reflect the business you’re in, but still easy to remember. If you’re selling Rufus Puppy Training supplies, for example, you can call your business The Nail Fixer. The name is important because it’s the way the public identifies your place of business. If your business has a catchy name, you can guarantee that it will capture the attention of customers.

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