Brushing Your English Bulldog Puppy’s Teeth

The protruding lower jaw of English Bulldog puppies is one of those adorable traits that individuals just cannot get enough of. Ever notice those little teeth sticking out are always so white and clean? That doesn’t just happen. Brushing your English Bulldog puppy’s teeth is vital with their their smile!

Keeping your puppy’s teeth cleaner and healthy is not just for appearance. Plaque and tartar can build up causing cavities and decay if not treated. This could bring about having teeth removed if your decay is simply too bad or causing pain to your pup. Your dog’s teeth are only as essential as your own and keeping them clean is critical.

Getting your English Bulldog puppy employed to a teeth cleaning routine is easy, should you start as a young age. The starting point is allowing your dog to tolerate your fingers in their mouth. Start by gently rubbing his gums with all the tip of your finger for some seconds and praise him each time you retreat. Slowly improve the length of time you keep your finger as part of his mouth. You can even try putting some soup, gravy or possibly a little peanut butter on your finger for your dog to taste if you are accomplishing this.

After he is doing well with the starting point, try locating a rag or gauze around the tip of one’s finger to get him accustomed to the sensation of something aside from your epidermis. Follow the same steps as above to obtain him employed to this. Eventually, you are able to progress to some tooth brush with almost no resistance.

There are lots of doggie tooth pastes available which can be flavored making brushing your English Bulldog puppy’s teeth easier. While brushing your dog’s teeth whatsoever is excellent, you’ll probably decide something that will protect and whiten his teeth more than these tooth pastes do. Never use any human tooth pastes as these is likely to make your English Bulldog puppy feel sick if ingested.

If doggie tooth pastes are certainly not appealing to you, try mixing a little bit of baking soda in most lukewarm water. Be sure the baking soda is dissolved and dip the tooth brush or rag in water. The baking soda will reduce acid inside mouth and whiten your teeth at the same time. Your pup will most likely dislike this more than the doggie tooth paste as a result of flavor but it can provide better protection.

Be certain to keep a regular teeth cleaning routine for example a couple of times a week. In between cleanings, provide your English Bulldog puppy with bones or toys which are conducive to cleaning teeth such as people that have small knobs to massage gums and teeth to interrupt away tartar and plaque.

Following these routines will likely be sure to get your English Bulldog puppy a clean teeth award at the next vet visit!

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