Basics of Good Dog Grooming

Bernese mountain dogs are a very common type of dog found in North America. They are affectionately called mountain dogs because of their striped coat and great ability to live in cold environments. Their natural environment is frozen tundra. Because of their unique features, Bernese mountain dogs need special care. You should know some of the things that you can do to help your dog maintain a healthy coat and an even longer life.

Regularly give your Bernese mountain dog grooming and brushing an early morning walk. This will ensure that they get the best of your attention and you can show them off to your family and friends. This breed is usually fairly easy to groom, so you don’t have to worry about being overworked. A weekly brush will take care of that otherwise there would be very little concern about it.

The first step in Bernese mountain dog grooming is to learn how to handle your pet properly so that you both will have fun and benefit from the experience. First of all, always remember that they are a breed that needs attention to help maintain their health and good health. Even though they don’t shed as much fur as some breeds, they still need daily clipping to prevent matting of the skin. This is important for your pet’s overall health.

Most Bernese mountain dog grooming will start with a quick brushing in order to remove loose hair and mats from the face and under the arms. In addition, the brushing will stimulate the lymphatic system which will carry away any toxins in your dog’s body. You can even brush out the back and underbelly to get rid of excess moisture and dirt that are stuck in there. If needed, a bath or special brushing session may be necessary.

A Bernese mountain dog grooming session should not only include a quick brushing, but you should also look into clipping the coat regularly. This helps keep their coats in great condition and make it easier to manage when outdoors. They will shed approximately one inch of fur per week so it is important that you clip at least that amount. Keep in mind that clipping does not mean completely cutting the coat, just that you will be removing the dead and shedding skin and getting rid of the excess that doesn’t fall out. The goal is to have a nice healthy coat that doesn’t mat.

When Bernese mountain dog grooming you want to focus on increasing the circulation by clipping the side of his face and shoulders. You can do this by using an electric comb and then trimming the back of his neck and shoulders with scissors. After you have done this, it is important to moisturize your dog appropriately. Most grooming experts recommend daily moisturizing. Be sure to avoid flea treatments as well, because these can cause excessive shedding.

There are several other steps you can take for the optimum health of your Bernese mountain dog grooming sessions. Make sure that you always allow your dog to walk around before grooming, because this allows them to have good blood flow. If he has any problems with stiffness or soreness this could be from a lack of circulation. You should also try to brush him once a day if possible since he should have enough of it. Many dogs don’t like being handled, but the less handled you can make them, the more they will enjoy being around you. Also, check to see if they have any ticks and fleas as these can be problems to both your dog and your family.

For extra help in the matter of grooming, we recommend that you purchase a high quality brush made of brass, copper, or steel. A good quality brush will remove the tangles and debris from your dog’s hair without causing any pain or irritation. You should use the appropriate tool for the type of coat your dog has. Some dogs have fine long hair, while others may need a stiff brush as some types of hair are very thick. Our dogs have a very thick coarse hair, so we use a stiff bristle brush that is made especially for the task. It makes a world of difference.

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