Basic Dog Obedience – Train Your Dog to Sit in 3 Easy Steps

Why should I train my dog to sit down?

Teaching the sit command is an excellent approach to start puppy obedience training since it forms the premise of other commands, like come and remain. This command may be used to maintain control over your canine and ensures it understands you are the boss. For example, you may use the sit command to stop your pet from rushing through doorways in front of you, because as pack leader it is best to walk through doorways before your dog.

The sit command in 3 easy steps

1. Make sure your dog is standing. With your right hand slowly and gently push a small treat towards dog’s mouth. This compels your new puppy backwards right into a sitting position.

2. As the dog sits, say ‘sit’ and enable it to consume the treat from the hand. (Do not say ‘sit’ until its bum touches the soil – in this way it will learn how to associate the instruction while using actual task).

3. Use verbal praise and affection as a reward.


Here are a handful of quick fixes to common problems linked to training your dog to take a seat:

‘my dog refuses to sit’ – Place your left hand on your pet’s small of the back (just above its tail), gently push down and ever so slightly rock your new puppy sideways simply because this will destabilise its hind legs.

‘my dog walks backwards when I gently push the treat towards its mouth’ – Lift the treat to your pet’s nose level and then gently push the treat forward. This will compel your pet to lift its mouth and drop its bum to the bottom.

‘my dog won’t sit unless I have a goody during my hand’ – You can use treats often in the initial training, then slowly phase them out. In this way, the dog doesn’t arrive at expect a goody each and every time it sits. Also, you can correct your new puppy with a growl or ‘no’ whether or not this won’t do as instructed. (Only try this if your pet has already shown you it knows what ‘sit’ means).

‘my dog will not stand still’ – Use a lead so it cannot wander off after a workout.


Always be sure you use hand signals with verbal commands during workout sessions. For a clear illustration showing a good hand signal to use while using sit command, you are invited to watch my YouTube video at

Good luck with training your dog by sitting!

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