Are There Any Good Rescue Dogs For Adoption Out There?

Are There Any Good Rescue Dogs For Adoption Out There?

The single biggest reason to take rescue dogs for adoption rather than a puppy mill is you could potentially save not only their lives but other animals who have been placed in the care of a puppy mill. It is an amazing feeling to know your action can have such an affect on another animal. There are many animals put through such horrors as overcrowding, physical abuse, lack of proper nutrition, lack of love and attention, or even being abandoned by their foster-family. If this is your situation then you need to make sure you take rescue dogs for adoption into your own hands. Not only will you help an animal to have a better life but you will be helping yourself as well.


You may think adoption fees are too high but when you think about it the expenses are minimal. If you have a rescue dog for adoption then you have that adorable little dog to take care of. They get fed, cared for, and spend their days enjoying the company of their new family. That alone should be enough to justify your adoption fees. Adoption fees are usually covered by the local government.


If you are going to adopt rescue dogs then you should look to those that have experienced the trauma. These dogs have probably had a horrible experience in life and would dearly love someone to love, care, and protect them. If they were adopted from a puppy mill then all the trauma they went through will have been your fault. If you do not adopt these dogs then you are making a huge mistake. These dogs need someone to love, care for, and protect them.


In some states rescue dogs for adoption fees are deducted from Social Security benefits. This is why it is so important to do your research. Look at all of the costs involved with adoption fees. Make sure you can afford it and that the agency you choose to work with is not asking for hefty adoption fees or retainer fees.


You may think that adopting a puppy from a rescue facility is better than boarding kennels or pet stores but that could not be further from the truth. Many of these places are in fact puppy mills and abusive. These dogs have probably been abused and in some cases they may have even been sold for breeding.


Adoption fees should never be used to pay for the damages inflicted on these poor dogs. If you have adopted rescue dogs for adoption fees then that money has already been wasted. You could have saved that money if you had only known how puppy mills work and how puppy mills are illegal. Some people do not care or do not want to learn about the cruel treatment of these dogs receive. They just want to get their next puppy and do not care if the puppy ends up dead or on a trash can.


There are also some rescue dogs for adoption out there that were abused and neglected. These dogs may have been given little attention and even worse, may have been tortured. You need to make sure you have found a rescue dog rescue that is fair and does not mistreat animals.


There are many reputable dog rescue organizations out there but unfortunately there are also puppy mills and abusive places where dogs are being put to use. It is important that if you adopt rescue dogs for adoption that you know everything about the puppy and the organization you are getting your dog from. Be sure that there are no past complaints with the agency and that they are fully qualified to take care of your new pet. You also want to make sure the dog rescue has a healthy and happy temperament. If your puppy is moody and depressed then that is a red flag for you to look for another organization to adopt from.

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