An Owner Guide for Pomchi – Chihuahua Pomeranian Mix

This delightful little dog also referred to as a Pomchi becomes increasingly popular with dog owners all within the World. Following information will supply you with a whistle stop help guide to their appearance, behavior traits, training as well as any thing else we feel is a great idea.

The colours on this dog may vary as you can get colours including black, sable, merle, brown, white and black or a culmination of colours. The ears are usually a little small compared to on the full breed wand normally stand erect – particularly when they are alert and ready doing his thing.

The muzzle on this mixed breed is normally relatively short and compact with very small and sharp teeth. The tail is quite comparable to that of a Shih Tzu and may pull in on the back. The back legs and overall hind quarters are extremely sturdy and rigid.

The Pomchi is known as a tiny breed because it weighs anywhere from five approximately twelve pounds. The coat is one kind of the most beautiful features and really should be glossy and soft to the touch. The coat can be single or double coated and may be brushed regularly.

The eyes have to be taken care of as this mix are inclined to finding a build up of discharge. You should also brush their teeth regularly as these are very likely to oral cavaties. They can be difficult when it comes to potty training but respond well to reward based training

The Chihuahua Pomeranian Mix is often a wonderful dog and fantastic for all dog owners – make certain you choose carefully and do not rush into coming to a decisions. Take your time when choosing a dog and choose which breed is the best for your needs.

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