4 Key Features to Look For in Healthy Dog Treats

Healthy dog snacks and treats can be used to teach your pet new tricks and behaviours, sneak some in a hidden pill (very much recommended), help ease the pain of a dog tummy ache or aid digestion so that your dog doesn’t have to suffer from bad breath. So which are the ideal healthy dog treats? It really depends on your dog, their diet, the exercise they get and what exactly you are looking to accomplish. If you are simply looking to ease your dog’s tummy pain and make them feel a bit more energetic I would recommend raw dog biscuits as these work extremely well for this. They are also quite cheap and you can find them just about everywhere.

However, if you are hoping to boost your dog’s immune system and overall wellbeing I would suggest natural treats such as the raw bones and liver. Raw bones are incredibly beneficial to your dog’s health as they provide them with all the essential amino acids and also protein necessary for their growth and health. The problem with most commercially produced dog foods is that they often lack one or the other. For example you may be buying dog foods that are made only with chicken meal as the main ingredient. This means that your dog’s vitamin and mineral levels are very low and you are simply starving your dog’s system of the essential nutrients it needs. There are lots of excellent websites on the Internet that can give you lots of useful information on how to best nourish and enrich your dog’s diet and these sites will often list healthy dog treats such as raw bones and liver among other things.

Some foods can actually be quite harmful to dogs, so look for healthy dog treats that are made from all natural ingredients. Artificial flavors and colors are particularly questionable. Some of the ingredients commonly used in commercially manufactured dog foods contain chemicals such as saccharine, dyes and artificial flavors. These chemicals when used over long periods of time can cause severe health problems such as renal failure, cardiovascular disease, kidney failure and arthritis. Avoid foods that contain any of these ingredients.

The third important feature to look for in a healthy dog treats is to make sure they have a few key features. First you want foods that come in natural flavors. This way your dogs can smell the real food and not get sick from the chemicals or synthetic flavors. Second, you want your dog treats that are easy to chew and that don’t have lots of fillers in them like rice or corn. Fillers can easily be choking hazards and should never be given to dogs. They are also unnecessary, as the human version of sweet potato dog treats taste great and satisfy almost all dogs.

Dental Chews dog treats are made from all natural beef or bison blends. Chews are one of the key features of healthy dog treats. Dental chews are used as a complementary therapy to help dogs maintain proper oral hygiene. A dog’s diet should include a variety of healthy protein sources and a well-balanced amount of fat. You may also add fruits, vegetables, nuts and other healthy treats to this mix.

The fourth key feature to look for in a healthy dog treats is that they contain only real ingredients. Many artificial flavors and preservatives are added to processed meats and other treats to extend their shelf life and increase their appeal. Although jerky treats may seem appealing, they lack many of the essential nutrients found in natural foods. Real ingredients provide better nutrition and are safer for your pet’s overall health. By choosing a dry kibble that has a variety of real ingredients you are getting the best nutritional value possible.

Finally, you should avoid unhealthy dog treats that have tons of additives and preservatives. These artificial preservatives and chemicals do not add any nutritional value to the food and do not promote healthy digestion or healthy bowel habits. These unhealthy treats can also create other issues such as ulcers and digestive upsets. You want your dog to live a long and healthy life so make sure you avoid artificial flavorings and preservatives.

When choosing healthy treats make sure you pick out treats that are high in fiber, vitamins and minerals as well as high in taste and variety. This will ensure your pet is getting the maximum nutritional benefits from each serving. Also check the calories in the treats you are purchasing because too many calories in your treats can lead to weight loss and unhealthy digestion. To keep your pet healthy and energetic look for treats that are made from all natural ingredients. This will provide your pet with the nutrients they need without additional unneeded calories and will keep them healthy.

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