3 Super Easy Secret Dog Grooming hacks

The need for dog grooming hacks has risen sharply as time has gone by. People no longer have to pay $100 or more at a professional groomer for a long and tedious grooming session. There are a wide variety of things you can do yourself for less than half the price. Here are some examples:

Get Your Dog Ready For Shampooing: Many people think that shampooing is just for humans, but they are wrong. Dogs need it just as much as humans do, especially if they are long-haired dog grooming lovers. Before bathing, a simple tip, but a real helpful dog grooming hack, are to wet wash your furry friend with water before you put them in the tub or give them a shower. Though this takes one extra step away from the traditional bathing process, it does make life a lot easier when you reach that step, because you won’t have to shampoo them again.

Bathe Your Pup In Cornstarch: It’s one of those dog grooming hacks that you either love or hate, but it works every time. You can make your pup’s bath a little more pleasant by adding a little bit of cornstarch to it. Just like shampoo, you can soak and brush your pooch in the same amount of cornstarch mixture as you would shampoo. This will leave your pup with a healthier coat, and less matting.

Clip Your Pups Clipping Your dog’s nails is another DIY dog grooming hacks that may seem like a no-brainer, but is actually surprisingly hard to do. The key to doing this right is to use a step-by-step guide that shows you exactly how to clip your pup’s nail. This isn’t one of those things where you’re in such a rush that you just do it, even though that may be your instinct.

If you have a long coated dog that is shedding a lot, and you want to keep its nails trimmed, you should look into the doggie nail clipping hack. Here you can basically trim the nail of any length you want, to whatever shape you desire. This can also be used for people’s dogs that suffer from nail fungus. With the cornstarch, the dog grooming hacks idea is to apply the mixture on the area that needs trimming, and then use a grooming comb to take out the excess fur. This can help keep your pooch looking healthy and clean and prevent future tangles.

Detangle Your Dog With A Corn starch: There are a lot of dog grooming hacks around, and most of them involve something called cornstarch. For anyone that has ever suffered from a dry skinned dog, you know that using cornstarch to detangle your pet’s coat is not a good idea. This will only create more dry skin and can even irritate your dog’s skin. Instead, use the cornstarch to put a coat of extra fur on, and gently massage the mixture through the fur, creating a smooth finish.

Super Easy Secret Dog Grooming Hacks: Some of these dog grooming hacks are a little far fetched, but there are some that truly work. One trick is to take a soft bristle brush and give your dog a very light brushing. You can even try giving them a very light lather, just to make sure they are getting as much oil as possible. Once you have done this, use a warm wash cloth to soak up the excess. This will make it much easier for you to get the next step in the process. Let’s say you want to detangle your dog’s coat for special occasions, or to make sure that she has a very healthy coat to help protect her from the cold.

Instead of buying a new soft brush for her, why not try giving her a bathing shampoo instead? You will be able to find this at any pet store or even discount stores for as low as ten dollars per tub. Using this at least twice a year, or at least when you are able, will make a huge difference in her coat. The dog grooming hacks mentioned above, along with the simple bathes that you can do yourself, will allow you to save hundreds of dollars on the dog food that you purchase for her every month.

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