3 Quick Tips to Stop Aggression in Your English Bulldog Puppy

English Bulldog puppies are known for their calm, loving nature. But aggression can take shape in different breed and English Bulldogs are no different. Here are some quick tricks to stop aggression in your puppy.

If your English Bulldog puppy is showing indications of aggression including growling, snarling or snapping, this usually means he thinks that he is the alpha inherited. To counteract this, you should show him that you and also the fellow members in the family will be the alphas, not him. The alpha dog in the pack is never challenged by the others. Once you prove your dominance over him, this may show him that they should respect you because alpha.

Food aggression can also be a problem. You will need to assert your dominance in this situation just the same. The alpha dog in packs is always the first person to eat and enable others you can eat as they wishes. This same process will probably be applied inside your home, to a certain degree. When you are preparing his food, build your English Bulldog puppy sit in another room where he cannot whine, bark or jump. Once you are ready for him to consume, call him up to his feeding area to make him sit quietly for at least 5 seconds before you place down his food. This will convince him which you are the one in control of the food supply within your pack.

Most importantly, tend not to blow off the signs of aggression by laughing or ignoring the behavior. As soon as your puppy growls, etc, immediately make sure he understands “no” in a loud, harsh tone to get the message across loud and clear that the behavior isn’t acceptable.

Proper socialization and lessons in earlier months of puppyhood may also help have your English Bulldog puppy become a lovable, loyal and safe adult dog.

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